What people are saying:


What struck us first about Lucy was her gravity—it made us believe (accurately) that she is in this with her soul. At no point in our process did she give us reason to believe that she is anything other than deeply devoted to a holistic and empowered birthing experience for families of all colors and creeds. Lucy’s piercing discernment, her commitment to an extensive spectrum of meaningful knowledge, her loving constancy—all of this ensured that we felt not only safe, but ferociously well-positioned in her care. When it was time to go, our guns were serenely blazing. She spent over 36 hours with us at the hospital, sharing every step of both victory and struggle. There were pillows on the floor, there was a rough, radiant altar, sustenance when needed, hands when there were tears. When it helped us to feel alone, she would consciously recede; when crossroads came that rattled us, Lucy was an unwavering advocate who kept our goals clear, achievable. She held silence so deftly, and yet it would have been deafening had she not been there. Things did not always go as planned, and real battles were waged. We never felt judged for renouncing any illusions of the quick and easy birth. For passing threshold after threshold while having her steadily near, we are manifestly better. We look back and feel triumphant. Our family came to be through uncompromising initiation, and it was Lucy who bore wise witness, who walked with us through mystery into greatest light. 


- Patricia, Kevin, and Atlas


Lucy is wonderful.  I was so happy to find my perfect match after inteveiwing many Doulas.  Lucy informed me on many choices and options that I didnt even realize I had till she educated me.  I am greatful for going in prepared. She is equipped with lots of tools of the trade.  She is sensitive, nurturing and tough.  She worked really hard in caring for me during my labor.  I really appreciated the pain mangament support, especially. I dont think I could have done it without Lucy.


- Christina Velissaratos


Lucy made herself available to me to help with the process of an at-home abortion. Her soothing and grounded energy helped to bring me peace during a time of a lot of internal turmoil and upset. She was able to answer any questions I had and is very knowledgable about holistic health for women. Her presence provided support for both myself and my partner. She helped to normalize the process for us. I am very grateful to have had her there. It felt very important for me to be able to connect with a woman during this time who has knowledge of the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lucy!  


- Anonymous