Reproductive Consulting

Supporting pregnant people through the pre-natal process is just as important as the birth and post-natal. This is a sacred process. I will support you through every question you might have (big or small) and will support your process in a way that nourishes and encourages you to realize that this is exactly what your body should be doing; your body is wise!

Placenta Encapsulation
Almost all mammals consume their placenta after birth.  I will take your placenta from your birth and return it as soon as possible so that you have access to its nourishing benefits immediately.  I dehydrate and encapsulate it, for more palatable consumption.  Traditionally, consuming your placenta is believed to promote healthy lactation, and regulate hormones postpartum. 
Abortion & Miscarriage Counseling
People need and deserve non judgmental compassionate support no matter the pregnancy outcome. I can help you process what this experience means to you, offer you ideas on creating ritual that mirrors your belief system, or simply share my knowledge of what this process can entail. I will guide you through comfort measures, give massage, and positioning advice. I can also share herbal and nutritional information so that you can maintain health and well-being throughout; mind, body and spirit. 
Birth Partner Coaching
Given COVID-19, I have spent less time with people during childbirth given the restrictions, and so I have started coaching the partners, friends, and family members who are allowed to be in the room with the person giving birth. The people in the room with the birthing person are experiencing and feeling a multitude of things as well as working hard to be present for the person giving birth (birth partners need support too!). 
Doula Mentorship
Becoming a doula is not an easy task, and I deeply appreciated the mentorship that I have had throughout my time as a doula. I have begun mentoring other doulas and found it to be an incredible relationship to foster. I look forward to traveling along this road with you!