Lucy Yanow


I was born into a long line of activists, artists, teachers, yentas, horse thieves and general rabble rousers. I honor that lineage in the way I approach my work.  I am grateful to my mother for birthing unmedicated at Kaiser SF, and for always framing birth as something empowering.  I practice as a full spectrum doula, a social work associate in the Women’s Options Clinic at San Francisco General Hospital, a student midwife in a home-birth apprenticeship, and I am studying midwifery through the National Midwifery Institute.  I have been working in reproductive health since 2005.  


I am a proud dog mama to Lemmy the destroyer pup. 

I am a trainer for the following courses: Advanced Full Spectrum Doula Training, Mills College Public Health & Health Equity Full Spectrum Doula Training.